List of 2015 NIGHTTIME/EVENING Dates Already Booked & not available: March 27, 28, April 3, 4, 11, 12, May 1, 3, 15, 24, June 12, 20, 26, July 13, August 1, 8, September 5, 6, October 17, 24, 31. 2016: April 30 

List of 2015 AFTERNOON Dates Already Booked & not available (available after 6:30pm*): March 28, 29, April 4, 5, 25, May 1, 4, 9 (TrunkShow) June 13, 14

AVAILABLE to rent for private events: mornings, afternoons, evenings and late into the night, 7 days a week.

25% Discount on Rentals for Events with Under 45 Guests, 50% off for Events with Under 25 Guests:


Please EMAIL us to setup an appointment to TOUR OUR SPACE – here

Unique and intimate, Black Lagoon is an Art Gallery & Event Space with monthly art exhibits that add a cool artistic element to any private event. In business since in 2010, we are located in the Central Austin Hyde Park Neighborhood just minutes from downtown.

We host many events monthly, from private birthday parties & one night art shows, to wedding ceremonies & receptions.


Parking available in our shared parking lot with The Parlor Pizza Restaurant next door, as well as 70 parking spots below the office building directly behind the gallery available on weekends and after 5pm Monday-Friday, free parking on Guadalupe Street, and neighborhood parking.


With 1750 sq ft of usable space, capacity for the gallery is 125 people standing. We also have a small front Patio area for use.

The space works well for a setup of 50 to 70 people at tables in the back room with room for a cocktail lounge and food in the from room. With all tables and chairs setup, max capacity is 100 people.

galleryroomWant more info or to tour the space?

  • Tours are by appointment only*

  • Email is best for quickest response
  • Contact Singer Mayberry, Owner & Event Coordinator
  • Singer [at] black lagoon gallery .com


Screen shot 2014-04-13 at 10.12.32 PMScreen shot 2014-04-13 at 10.11.05 PM


-“With its unmistakable mural decorating the exterior of Hyde Park’s Eastern border, Gallery Black Lagoon has established itself as a hip new spot…Far from a stuffy fine arts gallery, the space doubles as a popular party spot…” -

**SAVE: Bring in your own food catering & beverages!

photo 3We highly recommend these food caterers, though you are free to use any caterer not on this list (We do not allow cooking inside of the building. In addition, there is no kitchen, prep area, or refrigeration on the premise. All dishes must be cleaned off-site):,,,

10412035_949598198401283_9207213027589697750_n-*You are free to provide your own complimentary alcohol to be served by one of our Black Lagoon TABC certified bartenders.

* For events with 40+ guests, our bartender is required ($150 fee for 5 hours). For events with 100+ guests, we require 2 bartenders (1 bartender per 50 guests). $150 for the main bartender for 5 hours + $125 for 2nd bartender for 5 hours ($275 total).

2015 Rental Pricing:

Rental price includes 50 chairs, 5 benches, 12 tables, 3 cocktail tables, linens & more listed below.

5 Hour Event Rental  - $900 for all types of events with 45-75 guests

->> Events with 76-125 guests $1050 for 5 hours*

25% Discount on Rentals for Events with 26-45 Guests: $675 for 5 hours**

50% off for Events with 1-25 Guests: $450 for 5 hours**

Add on additional hours: $100 per extra hour 

Additional costs: 1 Bartender $150, 2 Bartenders $275. Our TABC certified bartenders required for events with over 40 attendees. You are free to bring in your own alcoholic beverages to be served by our bartenders as long as drinks are not for sale. More info below on our bar services.

NO discounts during the month of December, on Holiday Weeks or Holiday dates. Rental price is $900-1050 for 5 hours during the month of December.

*5 hour rental pricing includes cleaning fee: We take care of sweeping, mopping, breaking down tables & chairs, and taking out garbage. We also provide trash cans & trash bags for during event.

TO CONFIRM a Booking: 50% of the full rental cost, along with a $100 refundable security deposit (returned two weeks after event), is needed to secure your rental date. The remaining balance is due 30 days before event date.

* Room Rental price includes use of:

  • (12) 6ft Long Banquet Tables (you can seat 8 chairs to a table)
  • (3) Tall Cocktail/Bar Tables
  • 50 Black Wooden Chairs (if wanted) – additional chairs can be provided at $3.00 per chair
  • 5 Wooden Benches (5ft long - image to right)
  • 12 Black Table Cloths (if wanted)
  • Microphone for announcements
  • STEREO for background music. It is to be used for background music from and ipod, cd player, computer – not powerful enough for a full on Dance Party. DJs & Rental Parties must bring in their own PA/Sound System for Dance Parties**
  • Garbage Receptacles & Liners
  • Bathroom Supplies for during event
  • Gallery Assistant on Duty (during setup and to lock up)
  • Free Wireless Internet

Additional services can be provided:

  • Extra Chairs: $3 per chair

Screen shot 2014-10-01 at 5.57.54 PMPROJECTOR, MICROPHONE, PA Rentals from Rock n’ Roll Rentals:



Bring in your own Alcohol:

We do not allow any underage drinking. Clients may bring in alcoholic beverages to be served to attendees that will be complimentary, at no cost to guests. You are free to provide your own alcohol to be served by a Gallery Black Lagoon TABC certified bartender (our bartender required for events with 45 or more guests). The gallery will provide a BARTENDER to serve your complimentary drinks & setup/breakdown bar for $30 an hour (30 min. for setup & 30 min. breakdown). With our bartending services the gallery will provide: a High Bar Table & Linen, 1 Storage Cooler, 1 Serving Ice Bin, Shakers, Strainers, Jiggers, Bottle Openers, Wine Keys, Pour Spouts, Cutting Board, Knife, Ice Scoops. Rental party must provide and bring in disposable cups, ice, straws, napkins, beverages & mixers.

* For events with 40+ guests, our bartender is required ($150 fee for 5 hours). For events with 100+ guests, we require 2 bartenders (1 bartender per 50 guests). $150 for the main bartender for 5 hours + $125 for 2nd bartender for 5 hours ($275 total).

*ANY SALE of liquor, beer, or wine must be covered by OUR Catering Permit & Company (this does not apply to food). Please inquire for additional info. We allow absolutely no underage drinking. No unauthorized liquor can be brought onto the grounds and no opened containers are to leave the grounds.


ARTWORK & DECORATIONS: The gallery would not able to take down the artwork from our current exhibition that will be on the walls during your scheduled event, unless there was something that was offensive to you or your party. Any hanging decorations or banner placement would need to be approved. Decorations on the OUTSIDE OF THE BUILDING or on the outside of the property are NOT permitted. Decorations on the inside of the building are allowed, though we do not allow glitter, confetti, rice, pebbles, rocks, hay/straw or moss inside or on the property. Decorations may NOT be hung from the drop-down ceiling tiles (floating or inflated balloons are allowed as long as not attached to the ceiling).

We welcome clients to bring in their own tables, chairs, table cloths, decorations, flower arrangements, food catering and other items if they would like. We do not require clients to obtain these items through us. Here are a few helpful websites for buying or renting items for your event: -

Our gallery is the perfect event space for a birthday or holiday party, rehearsal dinners, ceremonies, weddings, receptions, corporate meetings, community groups, birthdays, private parties, workshops & functions of all kinds!

DEPOSITS/CREDIT CARDS AND TERMS OF PAYMENT: Along with a signed contract, all events at Gallery Black Lagoon must be guaranteed with a major credit card. Gallery Black Lagoon requires a 50% deposit (down-payment) of total estimated charges at the time of room confirmation. This deposit may be in the form of a check or credit card. The full balance is to be paid within 30 days before the event*

A $100 refundable security deposit is also due and payable no later than thirty days prior to the event. It is agreed that any additional charges incurred during the function will be deducted from this deposit prior to refund to the contracting party.The security deposit will not be returned if additional hours are needed for event time, including setup and breakdown (hourly fee for extra hours), if rental space is not left in a broom swept condition, or if there are any damages to the property or artwork inside or outside of the building. All garbage, personal belongings, decorations and equipment must be removed from the property during the scheduled event time/breakdown time in order to be refunded. The security deposit will be mailed in the form of a check to the contracting clients within 2 weeks after the contracted event has taken place. If damages or fees exceed the $100 security deposit, the contracting party will be held liable. Gallery Black Lagoon will have the right to request additional money to cover cleaning fees, repairs, and damaged or stolen items or artwork.

All cancellations are to be received in writing. In the event that a client should cancel this contract within 72 hours of signing the contract, CONTRACTING PARTY agrees to pay Gallery Black Lagoon a one hundred dollar ($100) administration fee to be deducted from the client’s deposit. If the facility cancels the contract within the first 72 hours, then the client’s deposit will be fully refunded. If written notice is received 90 (or more) business days prior to the event rental date, a two hundred dollar ($200) administration fee will be deducted from the client’s deposit, thereafter; 60 business days prior notice will result in a cancellation charge equal to 50% of the total estimated invoice balance, based on contracted specifications; 30 days prior notice will result in a cancellation charge equal to 75% of the total estimated invoice balance, based on contracted specification; less than 29 days prior notice will result in a cancellation charge equal to 100% of the total estimated invoice balance, based on contracted specifications.


  • We do allow clients to bring in their own beverages (including alcoholic drinks) and OUTSIDE FOOD CATERING at no extra charge . Any Food or Drink must be approved – We will want to know if your food will be from a caterer or restaurant, or if it will be homemade. The only circumstances where we might not approve of food is if someone’s caterer wanted to grill food inside of the gallery, or any food that would be very messy and possibly ruin artwork on the walls or the walls themselves, or leave a bad smell in the space.
  • If food items will be for sale at an event, the client’s caterer will be required to provide Gallery Black Lagoon with a valid proof of Insurance and a Catering Permit.

Additional regulations & Details:

  1. There is no kitchen or cleaning station at this facility.
  2. All dishes, utensils, & glassware must be cleaned OFF-SIGHT. Contracting Party or Caterers are PROHIBITED from cleaning dishes outside on the gallery’s patio, grass, or any area.
  3. The facility’s hand sinks are to be used only for hand washing or to acquire drinking/tap water.
  4. Our facility does not have a grease trap, therefore according to health code regulations; food may not be cooked on the premise.
  5. Additionally, our old plumbing, and lack of a grease trap make our sinks un-suitable for cleaning dishes.  Thanks for your understanding!
  6. Using disposable cups, dishes and utensils, is strongly suggested :)

Here is a HELPFUL LINK from TABC, on how to legally serve beer and liquor at a special event:

Can an establishment give away free alcoholic beverages to customers without having a permit?
It is legal to provide free alcoholic beverages without a permit. However, to be truly “free” it must be available to any adult who walks in the door and requests it. If it is only available to paying customers, the assumption is that the cost of the alcohol is included in the price of the service. In this case, the retailer would be “selling” the wine, and a permit would be required. When the establishment provides the alcoholic beverage, there cannot be any expectation of receiving money. The establishment cannot ask for a “donation” or “tip.” If the alcoholic beverage will only be available to paying guests, then the establishment will need a permit.


AVAILABLE to rent for private events 7 Days a Week: afternoons, evenings and late into the night!